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Christmas 2022

Brandy Christmas pudding made with a generous helping of fine brandy4-5 people 454g..
Model: Clootie Dumpling
 serves 3-4. 400gThe Clootie Dumpling gets its name from the cloth or “cloot” in which the original dumplings would have been steamed.Made with sultanas, cherries, raisins and vegetable suet, Clooties are similar to a Christmas pudding, but a little less rich. These make for wonderful trea..
Model: Mackies Crisps
Who could resist the taste sensation of Mackies Turkey & Stuffing Crisps?These beautiful potato chips are made from superior Scottish potatoes, and burst with delicious flavours of turkey and stuffing.It's like a Christmas dinner in a bag, and it's sure to be a hit with the whole family!Truly de..
Model: Scotch Black Bun
 serves 3-4. 400gTraditionally a Hogmany staple, along with a wee dram of Scotch!However, by popular demand we now make Scotch Black Bun throughout the year as popularity continues to grow.It’s the long fermentation process which allows the sultanas and currants to impart a flavour completely u..
Model: Walkers
Our iconic Shortbread Fingers, presented in a winter wonderland pack – sleighing through Walker’s snowflakes. Perfect for gifting, treating or enjoying with a cuppa on a cold Winter’s day.10 Thin Shortbread Fingers – 2 layers x 5..
Model: Walkers Luxury Mince Pies
ONLY AVAILABLE FOR DELIVERY FROM THE 1st DECEMBERWalkers traditional Mincemeat Tarts are a luxury Christmas delicacy. Only the finest ingredients are used, including apple, currants, sultanas and candied citrus peel. Encased in shortcrust pastry. ..
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