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Jimmy Hat (Bonny wee lad)

Jimmy Hat (Bonny wee lad)
Jimmy Hat (Bonny wee lad)
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Bonny wee lad
 Red hair attached to hat
One size fits all
Helps to subtly blend in with the locals

If  you’re heading over to Scotland and are looking to blend in with the locals, then we tend to find that nothing quite does that like a Jimmy Hat. This subtle, demure and quietly charming tartan beret, complete with delicate pom pom, will transform you into a local before your very eyes (seriously, you’ll struggle to remember a time before you were Scottish).

Attached to this delicate beret is a thick and dazzling ginger bob(ish) and, as we all know, nowt quite gets a woman excited like red hair sewed into a tartan hat. Fact.

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