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Orkney Island Mature Cheddar

Orkney Island Mature Cheddar
Orkney Island Mature Cheddar
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Orkney Island Cheddar is created from milk produced only by farmers from the Orkney Isles. With moderate levels of sharp acid notes, our cheddar is characterised by its rounded taste and savoury, nutty notes. The aroma is always clean and characteristic of strong cheddar, with a firm but malleable texture which is smooth and closed.


There Cheddar Cheese is typically matured for 10 to 18 months giving a variety of medium, mature and extra mature flavour profiles, demonstrated in our range.


The Flavour Characteristics:

Creamy and mellow, with slightly sharp savoury flavour and nutty notes.


Appearance and Body:

Bright even colour with a firm smooth texture. The Body is firm, smooth and silky.



Great on sandwiches and, of course, on cheeseboards as well as being a great addition to cooking, due to its production method which results in less oil being released when melting.



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